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"Valentine's Day is sweeter with extra sprinkles!"

This Is How We Do It

About Mama's Sugar Slate

Founded in February 2021, Mama’s Sugar Slate is a bakery in the heart of Central New
York. The only thing we love more than baking cakes is putting a smile on people’s faces
(maybe a little frosting too). We have a deep passion and love for producing high quality cakes
made from the finest ingredients, for any situation. All our cakes are made in-house in a clean,
professional, restaurant-quality kitchen inside the home of our own Jackie Hanifin. Our facilities
pass all inspections, and once you bite into one of our delicious creations, our cake will pass your inspection too. Our mission is to add a little something extra to those special occasions, and each cake is baked with a mother’s love to accomplish this feat.

About Mama

Jackie Hanifin, Owner of Mama's Sugar Slate

Over the past few years, we’ve all had so much to take on. Our founder, Jackie, needed something to take her mind off everything going on in the world and an outlet for her energy and love. She decided that no matter what was thrown her way, she would put her best foot forward, come from a place of yes, and keep pushing forward in a positive direction…

For her friends, for her family, for herself.

This was her start to some serious baking. It has always been in Jackie’s life, ever since her childhood, spending many fun, loving and late nights with her grandma baking sweets for the family. Since then, baking has always been a stress reliever for Jackie. Over time, friends and family kept asking for her cakes, and she was happy to make them.

So, after many late nights wondering if she could do this for living: She stepped up. I sold my first cake in February 2021. By getting out of her comfort zone, Jackie found the life she wanted, and we want to share that passion (and cakes) with you.




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